My name is Lish Martin and this is a glimpse into my story – The Best Worst Thing…..

I was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona. In 2001, I met my husband and moved to his home town of Lakeland Florida. Shortly after graduating with my Masters Degree in Business Administration, while driving home one evening, my husband and I were stuck by an 18 wheel semi-truck. Miraculously we both survived, but I was left with multiple spinal injuries, nerve damage, and debilitating chronic pain. 

Doctors throughout the state of Florida said I would live a remedial life, always in need of some type of mobility assistance. Additionally, I was told any pregnancies would be unsuccessful. I was diagnosed with PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, to the point that I became suicidal. I hit a point where I had come to the decision that I either needed to live, really live, or I needed to die….. And I chose to live. 

In total, seventeen surgery attempts were made to repair damage and eliminate pain, each one was a step closer to being able to walk again, unassisted. On 11/11/11, my bionic birthday as I call now it, I had two neuro-stimulation units implanted directly on my spinal cord. One in my neck and one in the middle of my back, with wires that run down the inside of my back, which connect to two internal batteries; one that controls my body from the waist up and the other from the waist down. 

Today, I live an a mostly pain free and happy life. I travel the United States as a professional transformational speaker. My passion is to ignite joy in others, by teaching audiences how to find the life changing opportunities inside every tragedy. Through my 15 years of public speaking, my goal has been to inspire, bring hope, and amplify the lives of those who need it. I have been recognized, interviewed, and performed at national organizations including: BB&T, Healthy Living Magazine, Girl Scouts of America, and Quick Quotes conventions. I currently resides in Lakeland Florida with my husband and son.

My purpose is to form genuine relationships with others and teach them how to embrace the most difficult situations in life. By embracing the negative, the most significant and positive life changing opportunities will present themselves. It’s simply up to you to decide how you want to live. 


Lish Martin

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